Advertising is available in two forms –

1) Featured Reviews
We will review your ICO honestly and place it in the featured reviews section. It will be displayed in the most prominent front page real-estate section for at least one day, usually longer, and will remain within the “Featured Reviews” section at the top of the front page for at least one week, usually longer. It will also display in the footer or sidebar sections of all other reviews and blog posts site-wide for at least 4 days, usually longer. It will be permanently indexed on the website as a featured review, allowing permanent exposure in some places. We will also remove the top banner ad in your paid-for Featured Review. Please note we cannot guarantee positive reviews. Contact Us for pricing. Limited to 7 advertisers at a time.

2) Exclusive Banner Advertising
A cryptocurrency related banner of your choosing will be displayed on the front page, all review (except paid Featured Reviews) and blog post pages at the top section throughout the entire website. This is the most prominent and exclusive site-wide advertising available. You will be the only advertiser running any form of banner on the website. Contact Us for pricing. Limited to 1 advertiser at a time.

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