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"Since Carboneum will be built on the StockRadars protocol, the project looks to be a professional trading solution that won't need to be developed entirely from scratch. "

Carboneum Vision

Built on the existing stock trading protocol StockRadars, Carboneum aims to socialize cryptocurrency trading by allowing users of the platform to follow the trading strategies of leading traders. Carboneum users can either manually copy the trades of these leading traders, or have the platform automatically execute buy and sell orders on their behalf. In essence, the platform aims to remove the traditional barriers that exist in trading whereby newer traders lack the expertise of experienced traders, since users can now simply copy the moves of experienced traders directly.

What’s in it for trading experts? They’ll receive rewards on the platform depending upon their performance and who is following their trades. If an expert has 10 followers and recommends a trade that results in a profit, a pre-determined percentage of this profit will be allocated to the expert via smart contract from their followers as a fee. Numerous elements of customization will be possible on the platform – users need not copy the market orders of a trader they are following exactly, instead they can set a certain percentage of a buy or sell order that they wish to copy, or perhaps even do the opposite if they choose to just be manually notified of such orders. Extensive customization and personalization of trade orders in combination with a social community is the heart of the Carboneum platform.

Carboneum Token

The token on the Carboneum platform will be called the “C8” token. All fees on the platform will be paypable via numerous methods, however if C8 is used to pay trading fees, substantial discounts will be offered. The token will also be usable for a number of premium services and social features that will exist on the platform. In essence, C8 will be the utility token on Carboneum, offering various benefits, the primary one being as a payment for trading fees at a great discount.


ICO Details

Token Symbol: C8
ICO Date: June 25th, 2018
Maximum Supply: 200,000,000 C8
ICO Supply: 120,000,000 C8
Base Rate: $0.1 USD per C8

The ICO & token allocation looks solid, with 60% of all tokens being allocated to ICO participants. Of the funds raised, 50% will go directly to platform and development costs, which is promising. The ICO structure looks to be fair, however I couldn’t find specific figures on the private pre-sale rate.



Since Carboneum will be built on the StockRadars protocol, the project looks to be a professional trading solution that won’t need to be developed entirely from scratch. This is good news since most ICOs that intend to develop everything from scratch don’t go the way they plan. At least with Carboneum they can focus more on their vision. The Carboneum platform will be coded in a unique way that will incorporate blockchain technology, such as the extensive use of smart contracts between traders and followers. Overall, the development aspect of the Carboneum platform looks like it will be professional and have a lot of potential.

The only drawback I can see with the project is that it’s nearly identical to a much earlier ICO – Safinus, which also has a very similar vision in mind. It’s not unusual for ICOs to copy each other, so this isn’t a game-breaking negative in and of itself, however the idea with Carboneum isn’t exactly original. Safinus however hasn’t yet been released and has encountered numerous issues, whilst Carboneum looks set with a more professional team, so there is a chance Carboneum will eclipse Safinus if roadmap goals are reached.

As an overall, Carboneum looks to be a professional project with a solid team that is worthy of investment consideration.



Carboneum aims to allow less experienced investors to follow the trading strategies of experts in return for a fee on a social platform that will also offer numerous other features. Whilst the idea isn't revolutionary, the platform will be based on the solid StockRadars protocol which does lead more legitimacy to the project than most similar ICO projects. The team appears solid, and the idea sound. Consider this ICO if you wish to either manually or automatically copy the trading strategies of professional traders.
  • Based on an already established trading protocol, leading to less uncertainty in development
  • Good team with a simple vision that shouldn't overly complicate things
  • Very similar to Safinus, a much earlier ICO, with its vision
Potential Impact - 7
Team Experience - 7.5
Legitimacy - 7.5
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