AgroTech Farm – ICO Review

Agrotech Farms wants to move cultivation of food and vegetables from the purview of large agribusinesses to the consumer, via the development of nearly hands-off appliances that cultivate specific foo...

8.5 Great

Carboneum – ICO Review

Carboneum Vision Built on the existing stock trading protocol StockRadars, Carboneum aims to socialize cryptocurrency trading by allowing users of the platform to follow the trading strategies of lead...

7.3 Good

Iagon – ICO Review

One of the largest segments of the tech world today is cloud computing and storage. Google, Oracle and Amazon are some of the biggest players in this space and each is a titanic company with interests...

8 Great

GoldMa – ICO Review

Goldchip Investments (Goldma) has a very intriguing concept. Goldma is introducing a new token, Goldchip Mining Asset (GMA) that allows for the blockchain based investment in gold mining operations in...

8 Great

NPER – ICO Review

In nearly every industry ranging from music to fan-fiction, authors of IP (intellectual property) are represented by companies that retain the rights to their IP in exchange for royalty payments. Such...

8 Great

NOUSplatform – ICO Review

The platform is comprised of three components: Nousprotocol – this is the framework that uses Smart Contracts to set the parameters of interactions between investors and financial projects. At l...

7.2 Good

LAPO – ICO Review

LAPO sees several problems standing in the way of widespread cryptocurrency adoption at the moment, including difficulty of use, low security, no stability, no customer support and difficulty cashing ...

7.3 Good

Profede – ICO Review

The current ecosystem gathers the data from professionals, packages and organizes it and sells it on to businesses who pay dearly for that information. The users never get any reward or compensation f...

7.8 Good

Iconic – ICO Review

In essence, Iconic will consist of a blockchain powered, crowdfunding ecosystem wherein investors can identify promising investments and be offered the security instruments they desire. This should al...

8.2 Great
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