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Cardstack – ICO Review

Cardstack Vision Cardstack aims to be the most professional and fully developed decentralized software development platform for developers, and full-stack service for end-users. All software transacti...

9 Fantastic

Sharpay – ICO Review

The simplicity of the idea behind Sharpay may seem simple, just like its promotional ICO video. And indeed it is, but that’s the point. A staggering 97% of websites have been found to not have a...

8.7 Great

Safein – ICO Review

In short, a user would become verified through Safein and then be able to gain access to all participating online providers. Safein recognizes that the success of the platform will require wide adopti...

8 Great

Opiria – ICO Review

Opiria is intending to create a decentralized marketplace where users can sell their personal data as they wish in exchange for tokens, specifically the PDATA token Opiria is launching. The concept is...

7.7 Good

Cryptfunder – ICO Review

Cryptfunder intends to be a positive force within the entire ICO space by investing early in ICOs that pass their standards, thereby improving the chance of those projects being successful and increas...

7.8 Good

AllStocks – ICO Review

8 Great

GigTricks – ICO Review

The concept of GigTricks is that the current review and rating systems are faulty, at best, and include a very high amount of fraud and cruft. GigTricks would use blockchain to verify all actions with...

7.3 Good

Equi – ICO Review

An Experienced Team In Venture Capital The first thing that struck me with Equi is the wealth of experience in the team. A lot of ICOs are launched by college kids who don’t have any experience in the...

9.3 Fantastic

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