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The ICO space has expanded explosively in the past several years and shows no sign of slowing. One of the difficulties currently facing the sector is funding. Funding is critical to the success of the various projects and currently there are few blockchain-specific funding sources. Cryptfunder intends to assemble a team of experts and market strategists in order to analyze each and every potential project, vetting them and pursuing all the necessary research and due diligence prior to supplying funding.

Cryptfunder intends to be a positive force within the entire ICO space by investing early in ICOs that pass their standards, thereby improving the chance of those projects being successful and increasing the number and percentage of successful projects in the space. This should lead to more legitimacy and confidence in the market, and should provide value to Cryptfunder investors as well as the greater sector.

Cryptfunder Vision

Cryptfunder intends to attract applicants for funding via a website that will be automated and user friendly. These applications will be reviewed and distilled to the very best candidates, the ones with the biggest ability to disrupt current ecosystems in terms of functionality and technology. As the promising ICOs are identified, Cryptfunder will offer to invest in these for a portion of the tokens pre-ICO. These companies, as they become more successful, will generate value in the market, and for Cryptfunder. The increasing Cryptfunder value should then add value to the Cryptfunder token (CFND). This cycle should then lead to more funding for more successful ICOs, which would create more value for Cryptfunder and CFND and so on. Valuation estimates, in the whitepaper are impressive, even under conservative estimations.

This concept of finding the best of the best ICOs and giving them a hand up in their moment of need is poised to improve the ICO/crypto ecosystem while creating a large amount of value for investors. The use of proceeds from their own ICO and token sales to provide the funding to further fund other ICOs will allow for the necessary seed to grow the organization successfully.


Cryptfunder ITO Details

  • Token Total Supply – 40 million tokens
  • ICO Token Supply – 20 million tokens
  • Initial Token Value – .003 Ethereum/token
  • ICO Start Date – May 25, 2018
  • ICO End Date – July 8, 2018
  • Rounds – 1 Round, 4 Bonus Stages, 1 Regular Stage
  • Soft cap – 3000 Ethereum
  • Hard cap – 60000 Ethereum

The sale will run for 45 days or until the 20 million token/60000 Ethereum hard cap is reached.

If the soft cap is not reached at the end of the 45 day sale, the Smart Contract being used (ERC20 CF Solidity) will refund to all contributors minus any fees, as per the contract.

Cryptfunder’s ICO has a multi-stage bonus structure broken down over the length of the sale period.

    • May 25 – May 29: 15% Bonus Tokens
    • May 30 – June 3: 10% Bonus Tokens
    • June 4 – June 8: 5% Bonus Tokens
    • June 9 – June 13: 2% Bonus Tokens
    • June 14 – July 8: 0% Bonus Tokens

The stated allocation of funds generated from the ICO sale are:

  • 50% – Startup funding. Fully half of the generated funds will be used to fund ICO applicants that pass the filtering requirements.
  • 20% – Operations and Administration. Day-to-day operations and the vetting process will take up this portion of the funding.
  • 15% – Legal and Regulations. Legal fees for regulatory compliance, contract work and other legal functions.
  • 10% – Marketing, PR, and Advertising. In order to locate and bring in more promising ICO applicants, marketing will be used to generate interest and spread awareness.
  • 5% – Developers. This section will be allocated to the founders and developers of Cryptfunder.

As for the tokens themselves, the distribution is:

  • 50% – ICO Sale
  • 10% – Bounty & Team. Team building and growth activities.
  • 10% – Retained. These tokens will be retained by Cryptfunder for unspecified future uses.
  • 10% – Administration. Operations and day-to-day activities will be funded by these tokens.
  • 10% – Legal and Regulations. Attorney fees, regulatory compliance, negotiations and the like will be funded with these 4 million tokens.
  • 5% – Marketing. Used to grow awareness and interest in the Cryptfunder program
  • 5% – Exchanges. Listing fees and costs associated with the exchanges where Cryptfunder wants to be listed.


Cryptfunder is attempting to solve a significant problem in the current ICO sphere, that of promising ICOs that are under-funded prior to their sale and are unlikely to succeed based not on the technical or visionary underpinnings but on more prosaic faults, like inability to market well, lack of legal services or inability to bring in certain forms of talent. Assuming that Cryptfunder believes in an ICO, the injection of funds for tokens pre-sale may significantly boost the chances for that ICO to be successful. As Cryptfunder believes, more successful ICOs should lead to a greater confidence in the sphere and should have a compounding effect of bringing in more investors, creating more successes which bring in even more investors. This is a great goal and it seems like there will be no shortage of ICOs interested in the additional funding.

Cryptfunder’s allocations look solid and the fact that they are allocating half of the ICO proceeds to funding new ICOs is a great sign. The ICO bonus structure heavily favors moving quickly in the sale, but don’t let that prevent due diligence and research from being completed prior to making a purchase.



Altogether, Cryptfunder has a great goal and concept, and their projections on valuation make sense. Trading funding for tokens pre-sale, if done smartly, will likely lead to a very large number of valuable tokens being held by Cryptfunder. This should be invested back into the market, funding more ICOs, further increasing the value. The follow-on effects of a healthier marketplace will likely raise many boats, whether associated with Cryptfunder or not. This ICO looks to be a very solid opportunity to get involved with a visionary organization that intends on fundamentally reshaping the ICO economy.
  • Good roadmap & vision
  • Fair ICO structure
  • Promising team
  • Competitors with similar ideas in development
Potential Impact - 7.5
Team Experience - 8
Legitimacy - 8
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George is an avid market analyst, reviewer, veteran ICO investor and Hearthstone player. BitCoinTalk profile: JainaVsUther

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