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Bermuda is one of the most under-served countries with good Internet access. Current ISPs are using outdated copper wires which are subject to corrosion resulting in over-priced slow connection speeds of 5–10mbps. Horizon aims to penetrate this market by offering the latest 4G LTE technology to residents reaching 200mbps+

The Vision of Horizon

Horizon is an ambitious but realistic project. Bermuda is one of the International business centers within the central americas, with frequent entrepeneurs using it as a stopover destination for both vacation and business purposes. Unfortuantely, the Internet there is unreliable, slow, and over-priced given the level of service.

Incredibly, proper 4G LTE Internet is not offered in Bermuda. ISPs there lack the experience of International teams and experience. Horizon aims to change all this by setting up actual wireless towers and directly transmitting high speed, 4g LTE wireless broadband to subscribers within the region. This will not only have a much lower cost than what the bloated older ISPs in the region require with their difficult-to-maintain copper networks, it will also offer speeds over 20 times faster.


HRZN Token

The HRZN Token will have numerous benefits for its holders. To begin with, Horizon subscribers within Bermuda can use the token to pay for their Internet service at a 50% discount compared to paying with fiat. This will hopefully provide a strong incentive for subscribers to purchase the token on exchanges. Additionally, the token can be used anywhere in the world to utilize various data-storage services that will be offered by the Horizon ISP.

The HRZN token itself will offer direct profit benefits as well. Horizon will use a percentage of its profits to buy-back the token on exchanges. This way, HRZN holders are exposed to the profits of the company as well. In short, HRZN will offer various utility and profit benefits. I’m also pleased to notice that the team will have their tokens locked under vesting restrictions for an entire 2 years.

ICO Details

60% of tokens will be released during the main Horizon ICO sale. The ICO aims to raise a maximum of $40,000,000 USD. There will also be a pre-sale where less than 3% of tokens will be sold with an incredible 60% bonus. This pre-sale is already live and will be ending March 12 or until 3% of the tokens are sold.



Horizon has a large team of people with extensive business and technical experience. For an ISP, it aims to raise an extremely modest hard cap of only $40m, leaving a lot of potential for upswing in token value. All-in-all, Horizon should definitely be a project you consider given how under-represented the Bahamas are with fast and cheap Internet access.
  • Aiming to disrupt ISP in underserved country
  • Huge untapped potential market
  • Highly ambitious
Potential Impact - 7
Team Experience - 5.5
Legitimacy - 7.5
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