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LAPO has a very interesting concept that combines blockchain based cryptocurrency with fiat monetary policy. The goal is to create a cryptocurrency that is more easily used by average people and to gain the widespread adoption that current cryptocurrencies have failed to achieve.

LAPO sees several problems standing in the way of widespread cryptocurrency adoption at the moment, including difficulty of use, low security, no stability, no customer support and difficulty cashing out to fiat currencies as needed due to high fees and long processing times.

LAPO Vision

LAPO intends to bridge traditional cryptocurrencies and the traditional fiat financial world. The LAPO Coin will be the basis for this, supported by the rest of the LAPO ecosystem, they refer to as the LAPO ePlatform. The ePlatform will include a Wallet, payment processing, private transactions, wallet-to-wallet trading and Smart Contract functionality connected to the LAPO Bank.

The ePlatform will be comprised of the following functions:

  • Wallet – a lightweight, fast, and secure wallet for managing LAPO coins
  • Trading Platform – a decentralized exchange for trading various cryptocurrencies for other tokens or fiat
  • Merchant Portal – a business-focused wallet with report and BI capabilities
  • eGateway – API for use integrating LAPO
  • Sale Point – app access for accepting LAPO for business on the go
  • Direct Marketing – works with Merchant Portal to build and deliver appropriate advertisements and offers directly to the Wallet
  • Payment Protection – protects customers and businesses from scams, fraud, and the like
  • Stability Fund – this will help protect the coin against artificial price volatility
  • Foundation – this has the mission of supporting the digitization of education for children worldwide

The various parts are intended to work together to create a fully-functioning ecosystem where every stage of economic transactions can live. Whether this is merchants pushing marketing offers to interested buyers or a busy executive buying a coffee at the corner store, LAPO will support the interaction. That holistic approach will bring users in and allow them to thrive and stay within the LAPO community, no matter their point of entry or familiarity with cryptocurrencies.

Stability is a large goal of LAPO’s and they have an interesting plan for maintaining stability, the Stability Fund. Effectively, the fund will buy or sell LAPO Coins on various exchanges when pre-determined ‘danger points’ are met. This will help in situations such as the classic ‘pump and dump’ that all too often impacts cryptocurrencies. The proceeds from this fund will go to the LAPO Foundation at regular intervals where it will be used to promote digitalization of education through grants and purchases of equipment and software.

LAPO ICO Details

Total Lifetime Supply of Coins: 100 Billion

Pre-mined Coins: 10 Billion

Available for Presale: 3 Billion

Presale Start: May 1, 2018

Presale End: June 1, 2018

ICO Start: June 15, 2018

Presale Soft Cap: 2 Million USD

ICO Soft Cap: 20 Million USD

Price: 1 LAPO Coin (LAX) = .025 USD

There is a presale bonus structure by week:

  • First week – 20%
  • Second week – 10%
  • Third week – 5%
  • Fourth week – 0%

The ICO has a bonus structure based on ETH spent:

  • 10-20 ETH – 2%
  • 21-50 ETH – 5%
  • 51-100 ETH – 8%
  • 101+ ETH – 10%

Premined coin distribution is planned as:

  • 50% – Stability Fund
  • 30% – Presale
  • 10% – Founders and Executives
  • 5% – Bounties, Marketing and Advisors
  • 5% – Team Members

Presale revenue will be distributed as such:

  • 50% – Development
  • 20% – Overhead
  • 15% – Marketing
  • 10% – IT Infrastructure
  • 5% – Other costs

At the time of publication, the pre-sale is currently live.


LAPO has found a niche that desperately needs to be filled. They’ve identified many of the major problems with cryptocurrencies and are proposing interesting solutions to fill those gaps. If successful, LAPO could lead a great surge in the use of cryptocurrencies as the ability for everyday users to live their lives more fully integrated into the crypto-ecosystem rises significantly.

Each aspect of the LAPO ePlatform seems well thought out and designed to tackle the problem to which it is assigned. This breadth of work is a good sign, as it indicates both an understanding of the challenges that cryptocurrencies face, but also that solving them with a single product may not be the best method. A platform like LAPO would provide for different products to solve the problems as they come up. It also suggests (but does not state) an extensibility to solve new problems as they’re identified, with the creation of new aspects of the ePlatform.

The allocation of half the income from their presale and ICO is also a great sign that they understand their place and how to get the most from their technology. A technology company that doesn’t invest in development isn’t likely to succeed for long. Of course, simply investing in technology isn’t enough for success, but it is a great start.

Overall, this appears to be an interesting opportunity to get in on the early stages of a system that could have tremendous upside as a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies. Creating a usable system for laypersons is critical to the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and LAPO appears to have a good handle on the requirements for creating such a system. From customer experience at the point of contacts all the way to speed of transactions and the ability to cash out of the crypto ecosystem, LAPO seems to have a platform that will allow non-users to onboard with minimum trouble and keep those who are more timid or risk-averse engaged in the ecosystem, where otherwise they might not even join.

The vision likely doesn’t requires every person on the planet to be able to use these applications smoothly, but it likely does require the average soccer-mom or lacrosse-dad to be able to use cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day interactions. Whether that’s shopping for household goods or buying a new car, LAPO offers a compelling argument that it should be the platform used to make those purchases.


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With such a compelling use case, it looks likely that LAPO will have at least some success and is a product worth investing in. Of course, do the research necessary to make that decision, but from my end, the project appears quite solid.
  • Blockchain that aims to solve numerous issues with existing ones
  • Accessible to non-technically savvy users, unlike current blockchains
  • Nice exchange buy-back scheme to help maintain price stability
  • ICOBench check failed for one team member, taking 1 point off legitimacy
  • Many challenges bridging crypto to traditional finance have been encountered with similar projects, LAPO will have to overcome numerous challenges to succeed where others failed
Potential Impact - 8
Team Experience - 7
Legitimacy - 7
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