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After some time I’ve decided to migrate from my account to this dedicated ICO review site. This is mainly due to the need to spread my roots and bring on multiple trusted editors to work on new ICO reviews. Hopefully there won’t be much of a lull in the transition of traffic and any bugs can be quickly ironed out.

Another motivation in making this transition is to allow you, my dear readers, better access to ICO review ratings. Whilst Medium is great for blogging, it unfortunately lacks the good categorization that a traditional blogging platform or website has. My aim here is to offer price analytics and actual ratings on upcoming ICOs in addition to mere reviews. Don’t expect too many “scam warning” type reviews as I only intend to review ICOs that I have some interest in myself, and that meet at least some of my criteria. This isn’t to say that I’ll only be reviewing low-risk ICOs. Not at all. A lot of hidden gems out there are found in a sea of scams, and are high risk themselves. For instance my recent review on Credits was ambitious, and although the coin did take off well, most similar projects end up being abandoned. Finding the next RaiBlocks or Cardano is often more down to luck, exposure to risk, and a little due diligence more than anything else. Probably mostly luck.

If you’re a new reader of mine it’s important to understand that I also make mistakes, so do your own research as well. Sometimes I’m compensated for making reviews, so bear this in mind too. I’ll do my best to avoid the scams, and give good rating guides, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll be accurate, and as an investor you should be aware that ICO investment is a very high risk game right now. We’ve seen some serious downward swings in ICO returns since January lasting until now (something I might cover in a later post), so always make sure you know what you’re doing before proceeding with any investment, and as the old adage goes – “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose”.

I know that old adage is easily dismissed off-hand, as the main thought in our mind is “if I double up now, it would be so much more if I took out a loan or invested my savings” – but what you may be forgetting is that your so called “double up” may take much longer than you are expecting. A lot of bagholders from December took out loans to invest in new coins. Whilst a lot of these coins probably will recover along with the market, how long this will take is anyone’s guess, and if the money you’re using can’t be tied up for years, you’ll probably end up cashing out at a loss before your returns are realized. I say this from experience back in my greenhorn investment days. So in short – use my reviews and ratings as a guide only, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, trust your own research more than anything else, and realize that this is all a high risk game.

Alas I digress, my main point in making this post is to welcome both new and old readers alike as this blogging platform transitions from Medium. Most of the post import dates should be preserved for current ICOs, but I won’t be importing most ICOs that have already finished. In the future, stay tuned for new editors and other exciting things to come as hopefully ICO Veteran will be a central ICO resource that will be of some use to you.

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George is an avid market analyst, reviewer, veteran ICO investor and Hearthstone player. BitCoinTalk profile: JainaVsUther

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