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MobileBridge Momentum aims to revolutionize marketing by allowing consumers to directly promote the products that they like. Loyal customers can be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens on the MobileBridge Momentum platform depending upon how successfully they market their favorite companies products and services.

Traditional marketing, advertising and Business-To-Consumer relationships have involved companies spending vast budgets on various forms of advertising aimed at attracting the attention of consumers; such mediums include television, radio, e-mail marketing, banner advertisements, and expensive Pay-Per-Click services. The problem with all these marketing methods is that consumers are becoming increasingly “ad blind”, where they subconsciously filter out and ignore ads. For businesses, this is making marketing increasingly difficult and expensive.

What if there were a way to make it so that companies could not only directly promote to consumers in a way that interested them, but also encouraged consumers to actively advertise their favorite companies to each other? This is essentially what MobileBridge Momentum aims to achieve.

How MobileBridge Momentum Works

The MobileBridge Momentum platform aims to be a blockchain based platform that will market to consumers based upon their actual purchasing habits. For instance, if a long-term customer of a particular brand hasn’t purchased anything from that brand for a long time, MobileBridge will look for when the consumer may be most likely to make a similar purchase again. Perhaps the customer bought a pair of shoes several years ago which, after some time, needs replacement. A shoe brand may target this customer when they’re looking for a new brand of shoes and are in the vicinity of one of their stores. Such precise marketing campaigns are more likely to give optimal conversions compared to traditional campaigns.

Furthermore, after a customer has purchased the shoes, or whatever product they’re interested in, MobileBridge Momentum may offer the consumer special tokens in the brand of that company if they leave a review of their purchase. Additional tokens may be offered if they share that review, and engagement metrics may also be considered when distributing tokens, such as how many people viewed or liked the review. Brand-loyal consumers are essentially incentivized to share reviews of their purchases with their friends on social media in order to receive optimal amounts of reward tokens. In marketing, there is no better form of engagement than word of mouth advertising, where consumers talk about a product directly to their friends and family.

Customers can use these brand-specific tokens for whatever benefits the brand wishes to give to the token holders, akin to “loyalty points”. Alternatively  the customer can simply sell these reward tokens on the blockchain for a more recognized cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which essentially gives the tokens real value to customers and encourages them to promote their favorite brands in order to acquire more tokens.

The team itself behind MobileBridge Momentum has a lot of experience in both marketing and business, and already has a working smartphone app that companies can use to market to consumers. Companies and brands will find utility in the MobileBridge Momentum token since all advertising payments will be done through this token. Additionally, companies can give real value to their company-specific tokens by allowing fixed conversions of their company token to the MobileBridge Momentum token. As the MobileBridge Momentum brand gains momentum, more consumers will recognize the platform and its benefits and will desire to own its tokens, hence companies will have more of a need to purchase this platform-specific token, and perhaps even choose to issue it to consumers directly in addition to their own company tokens.

ICO Details

At the time of writing, the pre-sale for the MobileBridge Momentum token is currently live (as of May 2018), with the ICO to launch shortly after.

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Base Token Price: ~0.12 USD
Main ICO Date: TBA


MobileBridge Momentum token distribution chart


It’s nice to see that distribution is mostly allocated to the ICO/pre-sale participants, with 50% going to them. I might be missing something whereby only 3% of the tokens is going to the team, as that seems too good to be true and more akin to a charity than a business for the team members. If that is actually true, then this is honestly the most non-greedy ICO I’ve ever written about or seen in my life. It might be the case that the team will receive additional capital in funds raised, however I couldn’t find the specifics in the whitepaper.

Tokens for team members will have vesting restrictions of 12 months, which should give time for the project to reach some of its roadmap goals before distribution. 5% of tokens will be used for further development costs and payment of additional team members, which is fair. Overall, the ICO structure and its distribution seem fair to me.


MobileBridge Momentum has a lot of potential impact should it reach its goals. It also has a good team with solid experience, with members being verified as real, lending legitimacy to the ICO. For quite some time now, it’s been speculated that in the future large companies will have their own internal company “tokens” that consumers can use to purchase things instead of traditional loyalty points. These tokens may be handled via Smart Contracts in order to give them further legitimacy. MobileBridge Momentum would be the first mainstream platform to offer this if it takes off, allowing a single platform that companies can use to both advertise directly to their customers when they’re most likely to purchase, and additionally reward them with loyalty tokens for helping promote their brand.

The goal of this project is ambitious, and there will be a lot of competition from other projects also attempting to offer decentralized solutions for companies wishing to issue loyalty tokens. Where I think MobileBridge Momentum is different however is that it aims to do more than just this; it essentially aims to combine loyalty points with direct forms of engagement at the same time. It’s the first project I’m aware of to be an “all in one” marketing and loyalty point solution for companies. As an overall, I think this is an ICO worthy of consideration.


BCT Announcement

MobileBridge Momentum will be the first project to offer a platform that companies can use to issue reward tokens to their customers, in addition to being a platform that companies can use to market to consumers directly when they're most likely to make a purchase. The team has some solid business and marketing experience, and thus if the project reaches its roadmap goals, there is a good chance that the ICO token will be in demand by both companies and consumers.
  • Aims to offer companies a way to directly market to consumers when they're most likely to make a purchase
  • Aims to allow companies to issue their own company reward tokens that reward consumers for promoting a brand
  • Offers solutions to various modern marketing problems together in one single platform
  • Solid team with a very low token distribution to that team
  • Highly competitive market with an ambitious roadmap
Potential Impact - 8
Team Experience - 8.5
Legitimacy - 8.5
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George is an avid market analyst, reviewer, veteran ICO investor and Hearthstone player. BitCoinTalk profile: JainaVsUther

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