Omnitude – ICO Review

Omnitude is a middleware platform designed to enable the integration of blockchain technology into currently existing supply chain systems.

Omnitude envisions a two phased approach to their launch. Phase 1 will launch the platform itself, allowing for the connectivity and integration between various platforms. Phase 2 will focus on building applications for the Omnitude platform that will solve specified use cases.

What Is Omnitiude Exactly?

One of the biggest areas that Omnitude intends to attack is fraud in the eCommerce space. Their Single Identity and Single Reputation systems will allow merchants to reduce identity theft fraud where a bad actor steals a victim’s information and uses it to buy from the merchant. The victim usually receives their money back via chargeback and the merchant is left with the loss. Effectively, Omnitude addresses the major fraud methods with blockchain tech. A Single Identity, verified by the blockchain, eliminates the need for merchants to retain nearly any customer information. Reducing the amount of personally identifiable information a merchant needs to hold and protect will provide significant saving for merchants who no longer have to comply with user data protection laws, but will also provide a safer environment for customers as they no longer have tons of personal data floating about in various merchants’ databases.

In the case of fraudulent merchants, who collect payment but neglect to ship the product, Omnitude will manage a staged release of payment depending on the stage of delivery, which should reduce these unfortunate situations.

Additionally, Omnitude proposes to improve the supply chain tracking situation currently experienced by most users, where everything up until the final leg of shipping is completely opaque. This system will allow items or shipments to be tracked as they move through the chain from raw materials, to components, to finished products, all the way to final delivery. Trusted ‘witnesses’ will identify the location of the tagged items and write it to the blockchain where it will be impossible to edit or delete. These location transactions will then trigger payment release transactions to shippers and suppliers as the appropriate milestones are met.

Omnitude Market

Global value of ecommerce is nearly $2 trillion and is likely to double by 2021. This tremendous market is currently rife with fraud and begging for a transparent, reliable, method of tracking transactions. Any inroads into this market are likely to be significant and while capturing the whole market may be unlikely, even a small portion of a pie this large is likely to create a lot of value for investors.

The huge amount of fraud and wasted money in this space makes a product like this a compelling opportunity for vendors to increase their profit margins and better serve their customers. The customer facing bits, from single sign on to product tracking may well provide additional income and revenue to the vendors who implement such systems, due to a lowered bar of entry and increased consumer confidence.

Omnitude ICO Details

  • Ticker – ECOM
  • Total Tokens – 100 Million
  • Private Pre-Sale Rate: $.40 USD/Token
  • Private Pre-Sale Cap: 10 Million Tokens
  • Token Sale Rate: $.46 USD/Token
  • Token Sale Hard Cap: 45 Million Tokens
  • Token Sale Rounds: 5
  • Token Sale Individual Limit Per Round: $50k

Token Allocation:

  • 50% – Token Sale
  • 33% – Omnitude Foundation
  • 12% – Team and Advisors
  • 5% – Token Pre-Sale

Funding allocation:

  • 60% – Omnitude Platform
  • 20% – Marketing
  • 10% – Business Development
  • 5% – R&D
  • 5% – Legal


Omnitude has a great plan for a comprehensive system for overhauling ecommerce and supply chain management entirely. This is a huge undertaking, but offers tremendous value for both merchants and consumers, making it very attractive and likely having a reasonably easy time onboarding merchants.

One nice feature of this program is that it doesn’t particularly require a critical mass of participants before the system begins to function. This means that slow growth, while not ideal, could definitely be overcome. Marketing is identified as the second largest selection of funding allocation, and that should help keep user acquisition high, though the allocation could be higher.

The largest portion is the platform itself, which is great, as it indicates an understanding that without rocksolid technology, programs like this will not likely succeed. Having such a strong investment in the platform is a very good sign that the program will continue to grow and expand as time goes on and the funding continues to be applied to the ecosystem.

It’s particularly interesting the breadth of the platform; instead of attacking a single point, single sign on, identity management, or supply chain tracking, they’ve elected to take a bigger bite and attack all of these simultaneously. This should provide much more of a ‘turnkey’ platform for merchants, who can take advantage of an entire e-commerce suite instead of just implementing the features piecemeal from different vendors. This seems to bode well and the unification here will also benefit consumers, as the reduced time to market for merchants will reduce friction for consumers faster and make the whole process easier.

Also interesting is the focus on combating fraud. Ecommerce fraud is tremendous and comes in many forms, from identity theft mentioned above to fraudulent chargebacks to even a simple claim that a package that was delivered wasn’t. The amount of money able to be saved, on a per merchant basis is rather impressive, and should provide a strong argument for implementation of the protocol. From the consumer side, reigning in fraudulent merchants and sellers should increase consumer confidence and keep the rate of growth for ecommerce increasing. This is a project with the potential to bring very real value to the entire ecommerce space, for all participants, from suppliers through to consumers.

While this is no easy challenge, the focus on technology and implementation is a great start to overcoming the challenge, and the team and advisors appear to be strong and properly positioned to make this project a success.



From everything available, Omnitude appears to be an exciting opportunity to invest in a platform that may well disrupt the entire ecommerce ecosystem to the benefit of customers, suppliers and merchants.
  • Aims to solve numerous supply chain and fraud issues with detailed solutions
  • Fair ICO
  • Good team
  • A lot of competition from established financial and supply chain entities
Potential Impact - 8
Team Experience - 8.5
Legitimacy - 8.5
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