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8.5 Great

AgroTech Farm – ICO Review

Agrotech Farms wants to move cultivation of food and vegetables from the purview of large agribusinesses to the consumer, via the development of nearly hands-of...

Carboneum – ICO Review

7.3 Good

Iagon – ICO Review

8 Great

GoldMa – ICO Review

8 Great

NPER – ICO Review

8 Great

NOUSplatform – ICO Review

7.2 Good

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7.7 Good

Diro – ICO Review

Diro would provide a user-friendly system for even those who are not technologically literate to own their own identity. This would prevent fake or false profil...

Carboneum – ICO Review

7.3 Good

Safinus ICO Review

8 Great

MetaMorph.Pro – ICO Review

3.7 Bad

Altair VR – ICO Review

9.2 Fantastic

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5.8 Average

Spindle – ICO Review

Spindle has three primary goals: Fair and Free Asset Management Platform – Spindle believes that a transparent and fair platform for investment and asset ...

8.3 Great

Omnitude – ICO Review

Omnitude envisions a two phased approach to their launch. Phase 1 will launch the platform itself, allowing for the connectivity and integration between various...

7.2 Good

NOUSplatform – ICO Review

The platform is comprised of three components: Nousprotocol – this is the framework that uses Smart Contracts to set the parameters of interactions betwee...

8.2 Great

Iconic – ICO Review

In essence, Iconic will consist of a blockchain powered, crowdfunding ecosystem wherein investors can identify promising investments and be offered the security...

6.7 Fair

Horizon – ICO Review

The Vision of Horizon Horizon is an ambitious but realistic project. Bermuda is one of the International business centers within the central americas, with freq...

8 Great

AllStocks – ICO Review

8 Great

SkyFchain – ICO Review

One of the largest of these barriers is the lack of a unified operating system for unmanned cargo drones. SKYFchain intends to rectify this situation with the u...

8.7 Great

Sharpay – ICO Review

The simplicity of the idea behind Sharpay may seem simple, just like its promotional ICO video. And indeed it is, but that’s the point. A staggering 97% o...

8 Great

NPER – ICO Review

In nearly every industry ranging from music to fan-fiction, authors of IP (intellectual property) are represented by companies that retain the rights to their I...

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