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8.5 Great

AgroTech Farm – ICO Review

Agrotech Farms wants to move cultivation of food and vegetables from the purview of large agribusinesses to the consumer, via the development of nearly hands-of...

Carboneum – ICO Review

7.3 Good

Iagon – ICO Review

8 Great

GoldMa – ICO Review

8 Great

NPER – ICO Review

8 Great

NOUSplatform – ICO Review

7.2 Good

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Medium.Com Migration

After some time I’ve decided to migrate from my account to this dedicated ICO review site. This is mainly due to the need to spread my roots an...

7.7 Good

Safinus ICO Review

8 Great

Carboneum – ICO Review

7.3 Good

MetaMorph.Pro – ICO Review

3.7 Bad

Altair VR – ICO Review

9.2 Fantastic

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5.8 Average

Spindle – ICO Review

Spindle has three primary goals: Fair and Free Asset Management Platform – Spindle believes that a transparent and fair platform for investment and asset ...

8.3 Great

Omnitude – ICO Review

Omnitude envisions a two phased approach to their launch. Phase 1 will launch the platform itself, allowing for the connectivity and integration between various...

7.2 Good

NOUSplatform – ICO Review

The platform is comprised of three components: Nousprotocol – this is the framework that uses Smart Contracts to set the parameters of interactions betwee...

8.2 Great

Iconic – ICO Review

In essence, Iconic will consist of a blockchain powered, crowdfunding ecosystem wherein investors can identify promising investments and be offered the security...

6.7 Fair

Horizon – ICO Review

The Vision of Horizon Horizon is an ambitious but realistic project. Bermuda is one of the International business centers within the central americas, with freq...

8 Great

AllStocks – ICO Review

8 Great

SkyFchain – ICO Review

One of the largest of these barriers is the lack of a unified operating system for unmanned cargo drones. SKYFchain intends to rectify this situation with the u...

8.7 Great

Sharpay – ICO Review

The simplicity of the idea behind Sharpay may seem simple, just like its promotional ICO video. And indeed it is, but that’s the point. A staggering 97% o...

8 Great

NPER – ICO Review

In nearly every industry ranging from music to fan-fiction, authors of IP (intellectual property) are represented by companies that retain the rights to their I...

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